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From Keighley News, 28th September 2017
Written by Alistair Shand


KEIGHLEY MP John Grogan is backing a campaign to stop pubs going down the tubes. He is calling on Chancellor Philip Hammond to help the industry in the Autumn budget.
Mr Grogan is among over 50 MPs supporting an initiative calling for annual £5,000 business rate relief for pubs in England and a beer duty freeze for the rest of this Parliament.

 "Pubs are at the heart of our communities and the local economy but they're struggling under the weight of a growing tax burden – with each paying nearly £140,000 on average in tax every year," he said.

"In Keighley and Ilkley, we have seven breweries together with 75 pubs, supporting nearly 1,500 jobs.

"The expansion of small independent brewers in Yorkshire and elsewhere has been a great British entrepreneurial success story in recent years.

"But pubs and brewers need all the help they can get, which is why I'm asking the Chancellor to do whatever he can to support them in the Autumn budget.

"The Government introduced a welcome one-off £1,000 discount scheme for some pubs in the last budget, but more action is needed to keep pubs afloat.

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"Taxes now make up a third of the cost of a pint, and UK beer duty is among the highest in Europe.

"The £1,000 business rates relief introduced this year has been a valuable lifeline for many pubs and it is essential this is maintained and extended in the future."

Mr Grogan is due to visit Keighley brewery Timothy Taylor on Tuesday (Oct 3) to discuss issues facing the brewing and pub industry.