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From Craven Herald & Pioneer, 19th July, 2019
Written by Herald Reporter

PLANS to build 35 homes on a field in Eastburn have been approved, despite the objection of the village's MP. John Grogan was one of several objectors to raise concerns over the plans for land between Croft House and Green Lane. The application, submitted by A J Feather & Mrs Feather and Mr J Field, went before Bradford Council’s Regulatory and Appeals Committee on Thursday where it was approved by councillors. Members were told that despite the high-profile objections, a similar application for 31 houses on the site had been approved in 2015, although that permission had since lapsed.

The site was also set aside as “safeguarded land” for housing in the council’s plans.

Joe O’Keeffe spoke on behalf of Mr Grogan and the objectors at the meeting.

He raised concerns about the loss of trees the development might bring.

He said: “Referring to the loss of trees in Sheffield recently, Michael Gove referred to tree felling as environmental vandalism.

“Mr Grogan doesn’t want the same actions to be happening in his own constituency.”

Officers said just two trees would be felled under the plans, at the access the site will share with Main Road.

Local councillor Rebecca Whitaker had written to the committee to say Steeton and Eastburn was “swamped” with new developments, and a pause should be put on allowing any new large housing schemes.

Planning officers Stuart Currie pointed out that this was just an outline application - more detailed plans, including the layout of houses and conditions of the development, would form part of a separate planning application.

Members of the committee voted to approve the outline plans on the condition that any more detailed application come before them for a final decision.