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From Ilkley Gazette, December 20th, 2018
Written by Claire Lomax

ILKLEY'S MP John Grogan has this week officially endorsed a campaign for a life-saver on every corner of the town. Mr Grogan visited Virtual College in Ilkley to lend his support to the Ilkley pilot of the 'Prepared to Save a Life' challenge. The scheme aims to make Ilkley the UK's first town of lifesavers. The free online emergency first aid training, put together by Virtual College under the banner of ‘Prepared to Save a Life’, was officially launched at the House of Commons last month.

Since then local companies have been pledging to do the training on behalf of their staff. Those who undergo the training will learn how to perform CPR which means a better chance of survival for anyone who suffers an out of hospital cardiac arrest.

Mr Grogan visited the Virtual College offices to get better acquainted with the scheme and to see how he could help further the take-up in this area – even pledging to do the course himself.

Mr Grogan said: "Virtual College is a great Ilkley success story with an international reputation. They are now determined to use their skills to put something back into the community. Knowing what to do if suddenly someone becomes ill can literally be a matter of life and death."

Ilkley businesses are pledging to sign up to the training on behalf of their staff, and the hearts on the window of Virtual College’s offices at Marsel House, represent Ilkley businesses who have already pledged. Each new business gets a heart.

To pledge simply go to and follow the link for either an organisation or as an individual. If pledging as a business/organisation, Virtual College will then get in touch to work with you.

As an individual, you can simply register online and you will automatically be emailed login details.

“Although we work nationally, and even internationally, I’m a firm believer in piloting new things in your own area,” said Rod Knox, CEO of Virtual College and inspiration behind the Prepared to Save a Life campaign.
“We are working closely with local businesses to put Ilkley at the heart of Prepared to Save a Life – so please do sign up.

“It’s great to see our latest local business pledges which this week include: Approach PR, Quinta Bar & Grill, The Yard and Promote Digital.”