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From Keighley Online, 4th July 2017

Budding reporters from two Keighley schools this week grilled local MP John Grogan about his plans for the town. The pupils from Our Lady of Victories and St Joseph’s interviewed the Labour politician over concerns they have about Keighley. And the bright pupils asked searching questions that would put hardened journalists to shame.

In an exclusive interview with Mr Grogan, who beat sitting Tory MP Kris Hopkins in the General Election, the kids pulled off some real scoops. Their intelligent questioning reflected the concerns of Keighley adults and youngsters.

He is backing the campaign to stop the incinerator being built, wants to bring Parkrun to Keighley, and admits the seats in the House of Commons are too cramped. Mr Grogan told the cub reporters:”I wanted to be an MP because I thought I could help people. I know Keighley quite well. I think there is so much talent in Keighley and so many people who could do good things I want to help.”

He told the questioners that he enjoys jogging on a Saturday and would like to introduce a Parkrun in one of the Keighley parks, as happens in Skipton and Bradford. Mr Grogan claimed that it could unite people through sharing sport, saying:”The good thing about sport is it brings people together, playing sport, who would not necessarily meet one another otherwise.”

The pupils asked about bin collections and how they wanted more police on the streets. Mr Grogan promised more PCSOs for the town in the next few weeks. The children wanted to know his plans, and Mr Grogan replied that he wants to improve transport around Keighley and rejuvenate the local parks.

Mr Grogan told the pupils that he was against the planned incinerator at Marley.

“I’m trying to stop it. And I think there’s a good chance of stopping it,” he said.

“I am working with the campaign group trying to stop it and we have got some money together to go to court to try and get the court to stop it.”

After quizzing the MP about the comfiness of the seats at Westminster and him admitting that he was ‘squashed up’ with other parliamentarians they asked him what his favourite childhood book was, and he told then it was the Sci-Fi novel ‘Day of the Triffids’.