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From Ilkley Gazette, May 1st, 2018
Written by Claire Lomax

ILKLEY'S MP John Grogan has used a speech in Parliament to call for an increase in the number of people paying inheritance tax. The extra money raised would be used to ensure that everybody who needs it in later life would get free social care at home or in care homes, said Mr Grogan. He added: "I think that many people in our society who are lucky enough to own their own home would accept that bargain - a guarantee that they could get free care and pass on the bulk of their estate to members of their family or to any good causes they wanted to support, in return for which I think they would be prepared to pay an additional inheritance tax."
He also called for care workers to get better pay and for an end to the system where they have to provide care to people at home in only 15 minutes.
He concluded by praising the telemedicine unit at Airedale General Hospital for keeping many elderly people at home by carrying out consultations and tests remotely. The Government has announced it will publish its own proposals for social care in a Green Paper before the end of the year.
Mr Grogan also attended a reception in Parliament hosted by Age UK. The event focused on older people’s views of social care and is part of Age UK’s campaign for a better social care system.
As part of this campaign Age UK has been speaking to older people and their carers across the country about their experience of the care system and what changes they would like to see from the Government’s Consultation paper which will be launched in the summer.
Age UK’s new report from this work was launched at the reception and included the top five problems they heard at every listening event with older people.
• The quality of care people receive too often just isn’t good enough
• Too many professional carers are in a rush and there’s no continuity
• Social care is very expensive and often not good value for money
• Many family carers feel abandoned and unsupported by the NHS and social care
• The social care system is dysfunctional and navigating it is too difficult.