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From Ilkley Gazette, 14th November 2017
Written by Claire Lomax

ILKLEY'S MP John Grogan has written to all residents in the Ilkley ward asking for their views on the town's parking problems. The move follows the completion of a study commissioned by Bradford Council of parking arrangements in Ilkley to try and solve long-standing issues with parking in the town. The study will be used to inform the Council’s short, medium and long-term decision making around the management of both on-street and off-street, as well as residential parking.

A number of recommendations in the report are currently being considered by Bradford Council before the executive decides on the way forward.

The report states that the biggest issues caused by parking tend to be within 400 metres of Ilkley railway station, although not all the problems are caused by commuters. Many shoppers struggle to find a space and local residents are sometimes obstructed in their own street.

Mr Grogan said: "So far nearly 200 people have replied to my parking survey either online, by post or by delivering it to Ilkley Library.

"This is all within three or four days of the letters being despatched from my office. Such a good response indicates how important an issue this is not only for the residents of the town but also for those who run businesses in Ilkley or work in them.

"I have not yet had the chance to analyse all the responses but one common theme is a desire that any additional revenues raised through parking charges are spent in Ilkley either on residents only parking schemes or on improving public transport.

"In addition quite a few people have observed that care has to be taken about the impact of restrictions on neighbouring streets. I will be passing on all comments to Bradford Council as they decide in the New Year exactly how to proceed."

The full text of the parking survey can be read on Ilkley Parish Council's website: